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We are Hiring photographers/property inspectors!

Real estate bpo photography - We only need exterior photos, below are the requirements and we pay $10.00 per each photo set or per house.

Each house or a photo set needs the following views :

  • 1 photo of the front of the house head on.
  • 1 photo of the right side, showing the full house at an angle.
  • 1 photo of the left side, showing the full house at an angle.
  • 1 photo of the street scene right.
  • 1 photo of the street scene left.
  • 1 photo of the address verification i.e house number - either on the mailbox or on the house.
  • 1 photo of the street sign.
  • 1 photo of view across the street.

You can use any compatible phone or iphone or a normal digital camera and send the photos on the go. We have put an example so you can view them and see how the photos are taken of the property by our inhouse photographers.

Within 12 to 24 hrs

Turnaround Time

Within 12 to 24hrs from the receipt of the order. Quicker you complete and turn in the photos of the house, more the number of houses you get assigned.

Rural areas payout may be more depending on the type and specification of the job details or due to extended mileage.

Please note this is only a temporary or a part time job, volume may increase or decrease at any point of time, you may need to be ready regardless of the number of houses that are assigned per day. Photographers sign up will be an independent contractor.


Currently Open

Camden, NJ
Indianapolis, Indiana
Cocoa, FL(Brevard county)
Portland, Oregon
Austin, TX
Charlotte, NC
Chandler AZ, All of Maricopa county
Raleigh NC(Wake county)
Orlando FL (Orange county)
Bowie, MD (Prices George)

Payment Terms

We will let you know once you come on board.


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